Unlock your productivity in Excel and PowerPoint with a powerful toolbar

Becoming a Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint power-user will allow you to spend more time on the thinking that matters, and less time on formatting and aligning boxes. Management consulting firms are known for training their analysts to use these tools efficiently, and have invested in custom toolbars that save time and enhance productivity.

Leaving consulting made me realize how much I relied on these tools. Thankfully, the benefits of these specialized toolbars aren’t exclusive to consulting firms anymore. KeySuite is a set of tools that bring the efficiency and customization of consulting firm toolbars to your personal computer.

KeySuite offers a comprehensive set of add-ins to elevate your Excel modeling. With over 30 new shortcuts, you can navigate and function within Excel at a faster pace. Custom number text formats, advanced functions, and automatic formatting are at your disposal to streamline your workflow. In my opinion, the most impressive functionality is the precedent tracker which enables you to audit your models more effectively. 


KeySuite enhances your PowerPoint experience with over 75 new keyboard shortcuts, speeding up your workflows. Custom slide elements and organized preset slide tags and section dividers keep your presentations structured and polished. Align shapes with precision, track slide ownership with action/ownership stickers, and manage the look of your slides with custom spacing. Table formatting and preset shape formatting are simplified, while custom legends and presentation navigation elements provide clarity and direction.

KeySuite is your shortcut to using Excel and PowerPoint efficiently

Give it a try today. Use the discount code DARIO2024 to get 5% off your purchase at checkout, to let them know that I sent you.