Software won’t solve your company’s problems

But having an effective approach will.

We’ve all got some friend who has told us about how some software package has transformed the way their company works. Or maybe it’s the plethora of adverts in your YouTube feed that are trying to convince you that collaboration utopia is an application away.

However, you’ve already opened another Google tab to search “software x negative reviews”. The contrary opinions abound… “it was too complex, and in the end, we just went back to Google Sheets” – pretty tragic.

The problem here is not of the toolset. Software is like a lump of clay, waiting to be moulded according to your organisational requirements.

And that is the crux of it – most companies do not have a clear understanding of their requirements. Their information is scattered, their workflows are a mess, people are operating in siloes, and “business-as-usual” tends to trump innovation and collaboration.

It seems that some people even get a kick out of the fire-fighting – busyness becomes their status symbol. Software should really be at the bottom of your plan for change.

Developing an effective approach requires you to push pause, zoom out and see the forest for the trees. Get out your whiteboard, map out your company’s workflows and identify the pain points.

Make sure you understand the big picture of where things are going wrong before putting bubble gum and sticky tape solutions in place with the latest application. Eventually, they all fail. But don’t worry, will be right there promising to pick you up 😉

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