Hi 👋🏼 I'm Dario, the mind behind CombiningMinds

I’ve always had a passion for learning new software programs and optimizing systems to improve my effectiveness. It hasn’t always been plain sailing, and I’ve definitely gone beyond the point of practicality into over-optimization.

Nevertheless, I firmly believe that using software effectively is a powerful enabler in any context. CombiningMinds is all about providing resources to unlock the potential of different software packages for you. 

Here are some of the highlights from my personal life and career so far:

Civil engineering

I started my career as a civil engineer, which was where my love affair with Microsoft Excel started. I quickly graduated from my first MATCH() formula, to automating the process of building finite element analysis design models in AutoCAD 3D with scripts imported from spreadsheets. I had my first taste of programming, building VBA optimizations for mining projects and also became proficient in 3D modelling, geotechnical and hydraulic modelling software.

Management consulting

I soon realised engineering wasn’t for me, despite the joys of diving into the details to solve complex problems. I joined the consulting firm Bain & Company, which provided accelerated learning in strategic thinking and problem solving. I also honed my Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint skills through churning out countless models and presentations, and became proficient in Alteryx (a data engineering tool) and Tableau (a business intelligence tool).

Non-profit leadership & no-code systems development

After taking some time off to recalibrate after burning out in the consulting environment, I joined a vibrant non-profit doing personally meaningful work accelerating the careers of unemployed youth. The company was thrown into the chaos of remote work and survival mode amidst the COVID crisis. Thankfully, I discovered two valuable applications: Airtable and Logseq. I revamped the company’s systems using Airtable, along with low-code tools like MiniExtensions and Zapier. Logseq transformed my information management, helping me efficiently tackle the loose ends that have always created mental strain for me.

Online training and consulting

I ventured into freelance consulting and created a course on Logseq. I also started using ZohoOne’s full ERP solution to run various back-end functions of my business (which has been one of the best decisions I’ve made!)

I recently expanded my course offering to include a course on Tana, and I supplement my income by consulting to individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses who are looking to enhance their systems or improve their operational efficiency.